360 IT expertise signed Kolibri

360 IT: A global IT vision

The Kolibri group brings together a great diversity of true specialists and experts passionate about technology and innovation. Information technology, for us, is a flame that will never be extinguished, a way of life! Through its remarkable corporate culture, unparalleled IT services and recognized 360 expertise, Kolibri sets itself apart by reaching the highest heights.

The world of information technologies is vast and it is more than easy to get lost in it. The complementarity of our divisions that constitute our 360 IT expertise allows us to have a global view of each project, to suggest the best solution and maximize its results. Everything is thought of in functionality of the most innovative and efficient technological solutions that will bring a real capital gain to your enterprise.

The Kolibri experience is unique. With an entirely personalized approach, we make information technologies used in large enterprises accessible for SMEs. And as our experts in IT understand what they are doing, Kolibri delivers solutions that work. Kolibri : It’s purely technological !

Why choose us ?


We understand the reality of SME


We can fulfill the majority of your technological needs.


We are available when it counts