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Your IT expertise, it’s Kolibri!

Specialized in technology, the Kolibri group is a one-stop shop where you will be able to benefit from a vast range of services and technological solutions under one roof. Thanks to our 4 divisions – Information technologies, Telecommunications, Digital development and Infrastructures – Kolibri is an essential for any companies looking to optimize the efficiency of their operations and to stimulate growth by the intermediary of technological and digital solutions.

In numbers, Kolibri is over 20 years of experience, over 25 employees and over 750 active clients. Our team supports users in a dozen countries making Kolibri a trustworthy partner to take care of your IT needs. In terms of technology and innovation related to the computing world, we can affirm with great pride that our experts know what’s what! With our global information technologies vision, we are able to offer you a 360 IT expertize that has made its mark a long time ago. Whether it’s for your IT needs, digital application, VoIP telephony or for the security of your enterprise, the Kolibri group has the experts and the solutions for you.

The Kolibri Advantages

Calling to the Kolibri services is benefiting from numerous advantages whose personalization of suggested solutions, production flexibility, access to high-level knowledge and time saving. Since you find all desired IT services in the same spot, you do not have to look for the integration of diverse providers. With Kolibri, it’s simple, fast and efficient!

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Why choose us ?


We understand the reality of SME


We can fulfill the majority of your technological needs.


We are available when it counts