Coaxial Network Installation

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Coaxial network installation is still well present at the heart of companies of all sizes. And it is strongly possible that your company uses technology related to coaxial cabling for its communications and internet accesses. The Kolibri expertise in a matter of coaxial cabling allows you to optimize your connections.


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coaxial fiber installation

The stability of the coaxial cable

The coaxial cable has proven itself! And despite the evolution of Internet connection technologies and the race for the fastest speed, it remains one of the most stable, reliable and efficient solutions available.

A solid cable

One of the characteristics of the coaxial cable, and a definite advantage, is its solidity. It is indeed very robust and it resists shock well. It is also much less sensitive to electromagnetic interference.

Coaxial Network Installation
Coaxial network cables

Multiple uses

Recognized as reliable, coaxial cable is used for various types of connection: Internet, television, urban cable networks, submarine cables, long distance telephone connections and many others.

Details and specifications

Still widely used, the coaxial cable represents an efficient and affordable solution for many business needs. It is particularly effective for connecting a TV antenna or a satellite dish to a television receiver, for transmitting analog or digital signals or for routing Internet service via a cable network. Its uses are numerous and its advantages are just as great. Being very resistant, it can be buried in the ground or installed along a wall or even along a gutter. At Kolibri, our specialists advise you judiciously on the best cabling solution – structured cabling or optical fiber — and its installation in order to adequately meet your present and future needs.


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