Optic fiber installation

The installation of optical fiber which corresponds to the highest quality standards.

The optic fiber installation in an enterprise presents complexities that requires a sharp know how that is adapted to the most recent technologies. The optic fiber offers remarkable advantages to companies. Well installed, it optimizes the speed of your equipment. At Kolibri, we possess the competences to allow your organization to be even more productive thanks to optic fiber.


Our personalized approach

We install fiber optics according to the needs and characteristics of your equipment.


Your peace of mind


With our recognized expertise, you benefit from all the advantages of fiber optics.


Our experts at your service

Our qualified and certified technicians install your wiring properly.

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Optic fiber cabling

At high speed

In terms of cabling, optical fiber is the speed champion! It can carry data throughput much faster than any other type of cabling, up to 1,000 times higher!

The advantage of resistance

The fiber optic cabling offers remarkable resistance, among other things, to corrosion and interference. It has the advantage of maintaining a good signal over longer distances.

optic fiber company
optic fiber

Singlemode and multimode

With Kolibri, the installation of optical fiber, single-mode and multimode termination, is carried out in the rules of the art with meticulousness. We offer you the optical fiber that best suits your needs.

Details and specifications

The arrival of fiber optics has had the effect of a breath of fresh air on cabling technologies. It represents a much more profitable alternative for companies of all sizes. Its many advantages make it a technology of choice. Fiber optics in business allows you to optimize your telecommunications network provided, of course, that it is installed correctly. Kolibri offers a fiber optic installation service personalized to the specifics of your organization, to present needs and in accordance with current standards. Our expertise ensures optimal efficiency of your fiber optic cabling.


Obtaining much greater bandwidth.


Possibility to increase the distance between receivers.


Less attenuation of frequencies.


Lower manufacturing cost.


Safe, flawless and fast installation.


Simplified management of your wiring structure.

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