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Structured cabling is one of the most important elements for the interconnection of all your IT, telephone and surveillance equipment. It is at the heart of your IT


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The installation of computer cabling by our experts is carried out according to your requirements.

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High performance computer cabling

Using structured cabling that suits your needs and is adapted to your business optimizes productivity within your organization by improving the speed of your computer network.

Compliance with installation standards

Our experts install computer cabling following the highest quality standards in the industry. With Kolibri, you are guaranteed to get a service that meets your expectations and even more!

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Compliance with installation standards
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Certified technicians

Our technicians are certified

Planning and installing the cabling of a computer network requires specific and in-depth knowledge. Our technicians have the certifications allowing them to perform impeccable work.

Details and specifications

Within your company, the structured cabling of your computer network undoubtedly contributes to the optimization of your operations. Too often overlooked, computer cabling plays a crucial role. The higher the quality, the more you will be able to take advantage of its speed and the more your productivity will benefit. At Kolibri, the installation of structured cabling is carried out with great care. We know that a top quality installation will be most beneficial for you and your work team. From coaxial cable to optical fiber , our experts in computer network cabling advise you wisely to help you choose a profitable and profitable solution for your business.


Analysis of your needs and proposal of effective solutions.


Planning and installation of computer and telephone cabling.


Quality structured cabling solutions.


Installation in accordance with current standards.


Simplified and identified wiring structure.


Performance Optimization of your equipment.


Security system and video surveillance wiring.

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