Cloud computing solutions

Cloud solutions securely accessible from anywhere.

Cloud services are ubiquitous and beneficial. In addition to allowing access to your work environment from anywhere and at any time of day, they represent a secure and less expensive solution for a high-performance IT infrastructure. With Kolibri, you benefit from efficient cloud solutions that perfectly suit your needs.


Our personalized approach

Our cloud services adapt to the specifics and objectives of your business.


Your peace of mind


The security and performance of our cloud solutions are constant priorities.


Our experts at your service

Our specialists help you to understand and make optimal use of the various tools.

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Safety and security above all

At Kolibri, security is more than an option! Our team of experts ensures that all of our cloud services are highly secure for increased security of your IT infrastructure.

Stay in control of your costs

A cloud solution makes it easier to control your costs. With real-time costs invested in your cloud services, you make better decisions faster.

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Data management

Your data accessible at all times

From home or office, your data is accessible from anywhere. Would it be profitable for your business to work day, evening and even at night? A cloud solution will be more than perfect for you!

Details and specifications

The cloud and related cloud solutions represent a major development in computer technology. From now on, a company no longer has the obligation to acquire and maintain IT equipment on its premises. It can choose to use the cloud to host its IT infrastructure. The cloud solutions we offer are hosted in highly secure data centers and are continuously monitored. The security of your data and your infrastructure is paramount. We make sure that the technologies in place suit the needs of your organization and that our cloud services allow you to benefit from the best cloud solutions available. Always at the forefront, our team of experts uses advanced technologies to offer you personalized services such as:


IT infrastructure solutions hosted in the Cloud.


Complete management of your email servers.


IP telephony solutions and management.


Cloud software and applications such as Sharepoint and Microsoft Office 365.


Security solutions fully managed in the Cloud.


Cloud backup and data protection services.

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