The recognized expertise of a computer science and IT consultant at the heart of your projects.

Our IT consultants possess the required qualifications to help maximize your IT resources and solve any problem you encounter. Our IT consulting service represents a remarkable asset for the implementation of effective and efficient IT strategies.


Our personalized approach

Any proposed solution takes into account the specifics of your business.


Your peace of mind


Our talented IT consultants think of everything and free you from complex questions.


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Our business consultants are part of your team and work for you.

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Well planned IT

The strategic planning of your IT is intimately linked to the sustainability of your business. Our IT consulting service establishes with you an action plan according to your budget and your business objectives.

Understand your IT

As a business consultant, our role is to help you better understand the technologies you use, facilitate their use and adapt them to the specific needs of your organization.

IT consulting
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IT serving your goals

To be relevant and effective, any IT solution must meet specific objectives established based on a rigorous analysis of all the IT in place versus the future needs of the business.

Details and specifications

IT technologies evolve rapidly and become more complex from one evolution to another. To find your way around, an IT consultant is most of the time necessary. In addition to helping you better understand your IT department, it will help you plan your future needs well while thinking as much about the required performance as the security of your data. Kolibri offers an IT consultation service adapted to the reality of your business. Above all, we take the time to fully understand each aspect related to your IT in order to advise you on the solutions best suited and most advantageous for you. Solutions that can then be successfully implemented by our procurement experts..Our consulting service facilitates the planning and management of your IT in several ways, including the following:


Analysis and evaluation of the IT technologies in place.


Development of a strategic IT plan according to your business objectives.


Research and proposal of solutions adapted to your requirements.


Design and turnkey implementation of any project related to your IT.


Personalized management of your assets, hardware and software, IT.


Appropriate and relevant training for your IT staff.

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