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Computer hardware and software that suits your business needs.

In terms of computer hardware and software, our procurement service simplifies your life. We ensure that your acquisitions are adequate and suit your needs perfectly according to precise and advantageous selection criteria for your enterprise.


Our personalized approach

We analyse your needs in order to provide you with the appropriate hardware


Your peace of mind


Our specialists take care of everything so you don’t have to do it !


Our experts at your service

Benefit from our expertise to make bright and sensible decisions

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Optimisez vos ressources financières

Optimize your financial resources

Our diverse purchasing options or our personalized financing eases your IT hardware acquisition by allowing you to maximize the management and usage of your financial resources.

Profit from our experts’ advice

Our team of experts in IT hardware and software works for you. One goal drives us: suggest the best, advantageous and profitable products tailored to your needs.

Network equipment
fournisseur de matériel informatique
Time and money

Save on money and time

Time is money! As an IT services provider, our team helps you deploy the selected solutions to facilitate usage and help you save precious time.

Details and specifications

IT hardware and new software acquisition represents a challenge in itself. How to assure that your choices fit your needs and will not be in conflict with your existing hardware and software? At Kolibri, our supplying and hardware deployment specialists make sure that the purchasing and installation process is simple and performant. Our mission goes way beyond IT hardware sales to enterprises, we assure ourselves that the suggested material will suit your current installations’ requirements perfectly while also fulfilling your future needs. By combining consultation and procurement, Kolibri allows you to benefit from judicious advice as well as a complete service.


Analyze the hardware and software in place.


Determine the best technological options for your business.


Orchestrate the acquisition, deployment and installation of your IT equipment.


Guide you in the management and proper use of your IT solutions.


Manage the renewal of your IT contracts and licenses.

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