Maintenance and support

Unparalleled, hassle-free IT maintenance and IT support.

For a company, IT maintenance and IT support are too often complex and cause many problems. With Kolibri, you call on an IT services provider company whose IT support expertise makes it easier to manage your IT equipment. New, used, compatible or not… We take care of everything!


Our personalized approach

We adjust our IT maintenance services to the needs of your business.


Your peace of mind


Solving problems is our specialty! Our IT support takes care of your equipment.


Our experts at your service

We follow technological developments closely to give you the best service possible.

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IT support
Time and money

Fast IT support

Our IT support team responds quickly to your support requests to avoid costly downtime. On site or remotely, we help you efficiently for any IT problem.

Installation and repair

Our IT support includes, among other things, hardware installation, configuration and repair services performed by a solid team of experienced specialists.

network maintenance

Emergency service

Kolibri offers a tailor-made support package including an emergency service allowing you to avoid the worst. Our IT experts are at your service!

Details and specifications

Our IT maintenance services are designed to allow you to use the full potential of your IT equipment. Whether your IT infrastructure consists of new, used equipment or a clever mix of the two, we adapt our service according to the characteristics of the IT equipment in place. With Kolibri’s proactive approach, you benefit from efficient management of your equipment, the aim of which is to maintain it at the best possible level of performance. And, so you avoid operational problems that could lead to unwanted production stoppages. You can also count on our supply department to efficiently replace obsolete or non-functional components. A problem occurs in the middle of the night… Our team is available to help you solve it! In terms of IT support, Kolibri stands out!


Installation, configuration, maintenance and repair of computer equipment.


IT support available at all times, every day.


User support service in real time.


Relocation of your IT equipment.


Custom IT maintenance service.


Process automation and warranty management.

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We can fulfill the majority of your technological needs.


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