Network infrastructure

An IT network infrastructure fully adapted to your business.

A well-designed and efficient IT infrastructure is vital. Since it is at the heart of data exchange and communications, IT infrastructure management needs to be optimized and secure. We use cutting edge technologies to allow you to benefit from the most robust computer network there is.


Our personalized approach

The establishment of an IT infrastructure, for us, always starts from your real needs.


Your peace of mind


We use recent, reliable and robust network infrastructure technologies.


Our experts at your service

It is all our knowledge that is found within your server infrastructure.

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network infrastructure

Be more productive

With a high-quality computer network infrastructure, you will be able to increase the productivity of your organization by limiting costly downtime and slowdowns.

Take advantage of an efficient network

Our IT infrastructure architects design high-performance computer networks that provide you with remarkable stability while being specifically designed to meet your requirements.

IT network infrastructure
Data management

Simplify the management of your data

A well-designed IT infrastructure should always make it easier to manage your data. From your backups to the recovery of your data in the event of a disaster, you will have a solution that simplifies your life.

Details and specifications

Specializing in IT infrastructure management, Kolibri offers you different solutions depending on the objectives you wish to achieve. From a physical installation on your premises to a cloud solution, our experts carefully analyze the specifics of your operations, taking into account your current and future needs. A rigorous analysis allows us to establish precise selection criteria and to offer you a viable, personalized solution that will offer you all the desired benefits. From the design of a new network architecture to the updating of an existing infrastructure, we provide you with extensive expertise, the best technologies and our unrivalled know-how. We are able to collaborate with you on different levels, of which:


Design and deployment of an efficient server infrastructure.


Installation of local network and wireless network.


Planning a storage capacity that meets the needs of the business.


Safe and optimized management of data and backups.


Installation of the best services and the best security solutions for your network.


Virtualization solution for certain elements making up your IT infrastructure.

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