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Simplify the management of your software and licenses with Kolibri know-how!

Software management in business presents major challenges that you can lessen by calling on our IT specialists. Managing your software assets well allows you better control and optimization of your investments. With Kolibri expertise, you ensure efficient management throughout the life cycle of your software.


Our personalized approach

Kolibri ensures that your corporate IT management is optimal and meets your needs.


Your peace of mind


We manage your contracts and licenses so that you can work in peace.


Our experts at your service

Our experts have the knowledge to guide and advise you wisely.

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Renewals management

Among our corporate IT management services is the management of license renewals. The Kolibri team takes care of all your software renewals efficiently and in your interest.

Optimization of licenses

Our team of experts analyzes your software assets and advises you on optimization possibilities to help you control your costs and benefit from your investments without reducing your production efficiency.


Confidentiality management

With Kolibri, the confidentiality of your contracts is in good hands. Our high quality standards and our work processes provide you with unparalleled protection against the disclosure of confidential data.

Details and specifications

The software and license management performed by our IT management specialists allows you to significantly improve the efficiency of your resources. Taking care of your software assets, our team monitors the maintenance, updates and renewals to be executed. Our technical support is personalized according to your expectations and needs. From software selection to implementation, we assess the performance of your software based on your business objectives and guide you to the best solutions for you. We know that your software must be efficient and we help you optimize your investments by impeccable software and license management, from the beginning to the end of their use.


Management of your software assets.


Analysis and optimization of license costs.


Volume license purchasing strategy.


Implementation and maintenance of your software.


Access to major software providers.


Software license management tools.

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