Our virtualization solutions greatly optimize the use of your resources.

Virtualization technologies allow you to do more with less. Where you needed two physical servers to carry out your projects, it is now possible to have only one. With our virtualization solutions, you can reduce your costs by efficiently optimizing your hardware resources.


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Our virtualization solutions easily adapt to your resources and needs.


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Virtualization technologies make it easier to manage your IT equipment.


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Our experts analyze your needs and explain the benefits of virtualization to you.

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virtualization solutions

Server virtualization

Kolibri expertise allows you to group more than one server on a single physical server. Server virtualization promotes better performance and flexibility of the computer network.

Network virtualization

With virtualization technologies, it is possible to virtualize an entire computer network offering the advantage of running applications while being independent of hardware such as peripherals.

virtualization technologies
Optimisez vos ressources financières

Cost reduction

Our virtualization solutions optimize your existing IT hardware, resulting in a significant reduction in your costs associated with purchasing new hardware and maintaining your infrastructure.

Details and specifications

Thanks to computer virtualization and the solutions deployed by our team of specialists, you benefit from a remarkable optimization of your IT resources. Virtualizing a server, or creating a “virtual machine or VM” has many advantages for businesses of all sizes. In addition to reducing costs, you improve the performance of your servers, the deployment of applications, the management of your infrastructure and the security against virus and malware attacks. Opt for an efficient optimization of your material resources which has the effect of increasing the profitability of your investments. Our experts help you understand the various technologies and the benefits you could take advantage of.


Consolidation of existing servers.


Use of various operating systems on the same server.


Workstation and network virtualization.


Optimization of storage capacities.


Faster return to service in the event of an incident or breakdown.


Data security and remote access.

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