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Save up to 80% per year with a proven system

3CX offers an advanced solution that is easy to administer, flexible and affordable regardless of the size of your business. Thanks to our unique pricing policy, organizations can save thousands of dollars on their phone costs, and don’t need to buy any additional extensions or additions as the business grows.



Easy to deploy

Locally or in the cloud, deploy 3CX on Google, Azure, Amazon, Linux, Windows; everything is compatible.


Advanced features

Hundreds of features available and it integrates easily with Office 365 and major CRMs.


Tested and approved

Over 250,000 companies use it worldwide. Read what they think.

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3CX includes a multitude of features needed by today’s businesses, including video conferencing, live chat and applications for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. Perfect for teleworking and mobility.

A less expensive system

Rates are based on the number of simultaneous calls required and your minutes used – there is no price per extension. You pay for what you need, which is what you actually use.

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Open platform

No strings attached, it’s your system! You can choose your own SIP Trunk, host and hardware. Of course, we can take care of everything for you. But with 3CX, you have the freedom to choose.

Details and specifications


Best value for money in IP telephony


Unlimited users


All in one system (desk phone, smartphone and softphone)


Video conferencing


Integrated chat system


Easy to use management interface.


Reduced communication costs and lower long distance charges


Transfer voice messages to your email
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We understand the reality of PME


We can fulfill the majority of your technological needs.


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