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With our business telephony solutions, you can communicate from anywhere.

New York, Paris, Tokyo or Montréal… with our business telephone system, no more geographic limits! Make your life easier by choosing Kolibri and benefit from a reliable, tailor-made internet telephone service that suits your needs and at a competitive price. You will then be sure to establish better communications between your colleagues and your customers thanks to a multitude of functionalities.


Our personalized approach

We make sure that the chosen business telephony solution suits your needs.


Your peace of mind


You can count on a stable, proven and highly efficient telephone system.


Our experts at your service

Our experts take care of setting up your telephone system quickly and simply.

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Prioritize your customer calls

Are you out of the office? Stay in touch with your customers at all times by redirecting your calls to your cellphone and receiving your voicemail messages in your mailbox.

Your features at a lower cost

With Kolibri business telephony, you get a multitude of features: advanced call transfer, call recording, teleconferences and many other options, at a lower cost.

business phone system
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Easy to install, easy to use

Installing your internet phone system is quick and easy. Our experts configure your system to meet your expectations. In no time, you are connected and ready to communicate!

Details and specifications

Our business telephony and IP telephony solutions are comprehensive and easy to customize to meet your expectations, meet your business needs and allow you to be even more efficient and productive. Staying in touch and communicating by phone has never been easier! With its impressive number of functionalities, which you can discover with this PDF, our business telephone system offers you the possibility of going much further. The quality and the very advantageous price make it a solution of choice. With Kolibri’s team of dedicated and experienced experts, your business will stand out and you will be free to stand on your own two feet.


Use of the service around the world.


Receive your voice messages by email.


Advanced follow me call forwarding.


Mobile app.


Send and receive faxes by email.


Record your calls.


Block and filter calls.

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We can fulfill the majority of your technological needs.


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