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High-performance IP telephony systems suited to the needs of businesses.

IP telephony for business has many advantages such as a significant cost reduction, remarkable voice quality and the addition of very interesting advanced calling features. With a personalized IP telephony system (VoIP) from Kolibri, you benefit from flexible, affordable and much more advanced telephony.


Our personalized approach

Our VoIP services are personalized for you with the features you need.


Your peace of mind


With an IP phone system, your communications will always be reliable and of high quality.


Our experts at your service

Our experts configure your IP phone system and make sure everything works perfectly.

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IP telephony for business

Multi-site VoIP solution

Kolibri IP telephone systems offer you greater mobility and flexibility. Whether you are in the office, at home or on a business trip, you are able to use the same phone number.

A less expensive system

VoIP telephony is less expensive than traditional telephone service. The use of Internet-related technologies leads to an advantageous reduction in telephone and maintenance costs.

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ip phone system

Multiple functionalities

The features included in a VoIP solution for business are impressive. From call transfers to your cell phone to receiving voice messages by email, you stay 100% productive!

Details and specifications

At Kolibri, we offer you a reliable VoIP solution for business that combines the stability of traditional telephony with the speed and mobility performance of the Internet. IP telephony facilitates call management by associating an employee with an extension number and rather than a telephone line. Do your employees change workstations regularly? With an IP phone system, you no longer have to worry about it. Their number follows them everywhere, even outside the office if necessary! With an IP telephone system, you are also able to extend your long-distance coverage and group your different branches or divisions under the same network. Do you have offices abroad? Our VoIP telephony solutions allow you to reach them by phone at no additional cost. Take advantage of Kolibri VoIP and business telephony solutions !


Simplified configuration and maintenance.


Quick and easy connection and addition of additional stations.


Transfer of voice messages to your email address.


Centralization of office supplies on the same network.


Eliminates wiring problems.


Redirection of emergency calls.


Reduced communication costs and lower long-distance costs.

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