We develop custom web and mobile applications according to your needs.

The development of a Web application or a mobile application allows you to obtain a tailor-made solution that fully adapts to your needs. Do you want to centralize and use your data more efficiently? Entrust the creation of your mobile application to our team of experts! You can count on us to increase the productivity and efficiency of your work teams.


Our personalized approach

Kolibri collaborates in the creation of your mobile applications according to your priorities and your budget.


Your peace of mind


Eliminate repetitive tasks and wasted time with well-designed apps.


Our experts at your service

Our experts analyze your technologies in place before designing the perfect application for you.

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Interfacing your systems

Developing a web application can easily help you share data between two pieces of software you use. Interfacing your systems has the advantage of optimizing your processes and productivity.

Automated processes

Recurring tasks waste your precious time. Automating them using an application designed for your needs represents an investment of choice whose benefits for your business will be easily quantified.

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A tailor-made solution

The development of a custom web or mobile application has the immense advantage of meeting your exact needs. Zero limit! You can do all of your tasks whenever you want, wherever you want.

Details and specifications

Do you too often find yourself stuck with software that allows you, in part, to do your work and that for the other party you have to turn to another IT solution? And this, without being able to transmit your data from one to the other … Generic software has a limit of functionality that you completely eliminate with software or an application designed and developed for you. At Kolibri, we use mobile and web application development to take you to the next level of performance. Whether you want to optimize the sharing of your data, automate your business or other processes, our experts analyze your needs, advise you judiciously and deliver a unique and efficient solution.


Functional and technical analysis of your software in place.


Optimization and automation of your processes.


Application creation allowing to interface your systems.


Design of functional mobile applications (UX / UI).


Hybrid application development (IOS and Android).


Redirection of emergency calls.


Obtaining Google Play and App Store approval.

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