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Take advantage of a distinctive transactional site to sell your products online.

A transactional website, for many merchants, is no longer an option, but a necessity. Each year, online product sales increase dramatically. At Kolibri, we understand the challenges of e-commerce and we work with you to create a merchant website that will suit your needs and allow you to increase your turnover.


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With our team, you benefit from an efficient transactional site which highlights your products.


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More sales for less effort thanks to a well-designed and well-positioned online store.


Our experts at your service

Let our experts manage the creation of an exceptional e-commerce website that meets your needs.

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Process optimization

Your e-commerce website collects valuable data that you can use to optimize your processes by integrating the data into your financial system (ERP) and your client manager (CRM).

Your best seller

Kolibri expertise allows you to efficiently use various transactional features that will make your merchant site the best seller that can exist, at any time of the day or night.

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Get found with SEO

A transactional site that is not consulted cannot sell products. Our team of specialists ensures that your SEO is optimized using best SEO practices. SEO.

Details and specifications

In terms of online commerce, the Kolibri team has the know-how and technological knowledge to help you choose and implement the e-commerce solution that suits you. With Kolibri, your transactional website has all the assets to sell your products efficiently, achieve your business objectives and obtain a more than satisfactory return on investment. We optimize the entire operational process so that your e-commerce platform is easy to use and makes your management tasks easier. From payment processing to sales reports, the entire purchasing process is optimized and data easily retrievable by your systems and tools in place.


HTML 5, PHP, CSS and JavaScript programming respecting W3C standards.


Database programming (MySQL, MariaDB).


Design of adaptive transactional sites.


Conception, UX / UI design, programming and integration.


Use of WooCommerce or other online sales platform.


Use of a content manager (CMS) such as WordPress.


SEO optimization thanks to the best SEO techniques.

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