Organic referencing (SEO), paid referencing (SEM), be more visible!

SEO referencing, SEM, SEA, SMO… All that seems complicated to you, but for us it’s easy! A good SEO generates more quality visits to your website. And the more visitors you have, the more the sales potential increases. Our SEO / SEM specialists use the right techniques and measure the results to ensure effective and successful web visibility.


Our personalized approach

Our SEO services are adapted to the targeted results according to your budget.


Your peace of mind


The Kolibri team carefully monitors your SEO referencing and your SEM campaigns.


Our experts at your service

Our experts maximize your SEO so that every dollar invested is profitable for you.

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Organic referencing (SEO)

SEO is the art of optimizing your site to achieve optimal positioning in search engine results, and this, naturally, without paying for advertising. It is an art that we master!

Paid referencing (SEM)

With Kolibri’s SEM expertise, you benefit from advertising campaigns that bring you benefits by positioning you effectively on search engines according to relevant keywords and advertising spaces.


Measure results

Measuring the results of your campaigns is essential. Our specialists monitor your campaigns closely, make the changes required to achieve your objectives and communicate the results to you transparently.

Details and specifications

On the one hand, there is organic SEO which relies on a website well designed and optimized for specific and relevant keywords that are sought by your target customers. On the other hand, there is paid referencing which allows you to position yourself faster on the first page of the search engines and to get higher traffic to your site by means of bids and word purchases – keys on which you wish to position yourself. As SEO consultants, we are able to work on your SEO and your SEM SEM campaigns in order to create the web visibility that will be most beneficial for your business.


Analysis of your website.


Keyword research and semantic research.


Optimization of the site and its content.


Creation of advertising campaigns (Google Ads).


Creation of remarketing campaigns.


Monitoring of campaigns and conversion results.


Respect for the budget allocated to campaigns.

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